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Oh, here comes the boring part of the product (not agent) introduction.

What make's Labstry (not agent) different?

We communicate with customer diagram


We communicate customers when they have any enquires.

Collaboration diagram


Need help changing you existing website? Not an issue. Just contact us.

Spend only what you need.

No additional costs.

Spend only what you need (PAYG). No additional packages, no additional costs, no annoying T&Cs, ... nothing. We just get our jobs done.

Up to date.

We use latest technology.

Always get an outdated, uncustomisable version of CMS that comes with your website? Come here and you are right.*

* Only available to our own CMS (Not applicable to WordPress). The upgrade from WordPress to our CMS is possible while additional charges could apply.

Don't take our words cause we might trick you. Let our products talk...